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Theater Essay Examples

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Gender Conflict in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

It is evident that in A Midsummer Nights Dream gender conflict is not the only source of comic disorder in the exposition of the play. This can be seen due to the number of other events and scenes which are sources of comic disorder such as character relationships, stereotypes & status and authoritative conflicts. An…

Theater & Drama

Art is an expression of emotion. As they say, art is everywhere. Perhaps everything in this world is driven by art. It is already part of our lives. In other words art itself is an element of life. There are many forms of art; visual art, theater, multimedia, and the like. All of these are…

Drama and Theater

What is drama? What are the similarities and differences between Greek Drama, Renaissance Drama, Kabuki Drama, and Contemporary Drama? Drama is tension. In the context of a play in a theatre, tension often means that the audience is expecting something to happen between the characters on stage. Will they shoot each other? Will they finally…



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Feminism and Homosexuality in Theater

Feminism in theater has a very close relationship with the depiction of homosexuality onstage. Playwrights and performance artists who advocate feminism have seen theater as a powerful tool to make the public understand their views. The work of artists such as Lillian Hellman, Holly Hughes, and Anna Deavere Smith shape the discussion of feminism and…

Play Production In The Greek & Elizabethan Eras

The contemporary Greek play was an amalgamation of several artistic tools like pictures for example the one shown below which conveyed strong message to the audience. There were numerous other scenic elements used in the Greek theater. When a crane was used (called machina in Greek), it gave an impression of an airborne actor. A…

The Modernist Theater’s Departure from the Romantic Theater

From the early theater of the Greeks to Broadway, theater had definitely evolved to one of the most accepted and highly communicated form of art. After all, everything is subject to change, the world of theater is no exception. The theater that we know today had undergone heavy changes. In those stages of changes, it…

Greek and Roman Theater

Theatre and its roots can be traced back before the Common Era to the Greeks and Romans. The two types of theatre, while quite similar, do have a number of differences. Classical Greek and Roman theatre, often combined in a sort of Ancient “Grome” fashion, are similar in the most basic but superficial of aspects….

Stage Theater

Mephisto was written amidst the time where the most notorious body of power rose in world history. In the country where Klaus Mann came from, the Nazis came into full power and ran the country where he was exiled. The political reality that surrounded Mann’s time played a major role in shaping the events in…

Popular Theater Defined

Watching popular theater is indeed a great way to be entertained. Some people choose to shift their interest from movies to popular theater because it is in theater where the greatest acts can be seen. This is where exaggerated facial expressions and movements are seen. Sometimes, there are songs that accompany a play. If a…

Theater as a teenager

Born to a white, South African family in 1955, William Kentridge’s education included studies in drawing and theater as a teenager, and later, philosophy and politics in college. These aspects of the artist’s background come together in his films, resulting in dramatic and disturbing commentaries on South Africa’s tragic history of apartheid. The legacy of…

Some of the Technological Advancements that Shaped Modern Theater

In 1998 the movie Shakespeare in Love took the Oscar’s award for best picture. It was a movie with a title that seems not to promise much but what it lacks in hype it made up in substance.             The most endearing aspect of the movie was the realistic depiction of what theater was in…

The latter part of Act 3 in his play ‘The Crucible’ ‘The Crucible’

The Crucible is a very enthralling play to read and especially to watch. The way that Miller is able to build up his characters and put them into such exaggerated situations in The Crucible is breathtaking. He has the ability to illustrate what might naturally happen in situations such as this, showing us periods within…

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