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News Essay Examples

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Bad news letter

Your order for five Canon LPB-8 A1 Laser Printers arrived today. This lightweight, rapid-speed, letter quality printer is the leading machine in the field. Our main function is to purchase office equipment in large quantities and then resell it to retailers. In order to do this most efficiently, we ask that all orders be for at…

News Channels

With India’s growing importance in international strategic and economic thinking, news about the country is becoming more critical to the world. India alone accounts for over a billion of South Asia’s 1.3 billion people. The sheer mass creates news. Changes in the global balance of power, India’s economic rise, and South Asia’s continuing political and…

Uses and Gratification Theory

The Uses and Gratification Theory is a theory by Blumer and Katz in which proposes that media users play an active role in choosing and using the media. It says that users take an active part in the communication process and are goal oriented in their use of the media. Blumer and Katz suggest that…



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Factor Which Influence the Decisions of News Editors

Upgrading the news become a popular habit for not only young people but also old people. All the bad or good information on TV and newspaper will be decided by the new editors. There are two factors which influence on this decision are the kind of customers and attraction of news. Obviously, the sort of…

News paper careers

Newspaper career is one of careers, which is much involving. Newspaper office deals with many activities, which mainly include compilation of news and advertisements and ensure sure that they are up-to-date with their news coverage. More importantly, a newspaper group should ensure that their newspapers reach their clients in time Newspaper Company like any other…

Court News

Editorial Despite our report of the 30th November regarding her majesty’s speech to the House of Commons in which she stated she would act only for the good of her people, it has to be admitted that there is still an air of disquiet in the country regarding the future of the monarchy. The queen,…

Is It Important for Teenagers to Pay Attention to World News

What does one think when they hear the world “world news”? Do they think of countries that are bombing each other, politicians who keep arguing, or the United Nations? Well, whatever it is that comes to mind that should not be a reason why you should not watch the news. Teenagers should be aware of…

My Father in heaven is Reading out loud

Faith gives us the strength to pursue what we have in our lives. What we perceive in our lives should give us the drive to carry on things which will have an effect in our lifetime in the long run. Essence of love and its intensity would transpire a huge sense of longing at times…

Historical events

Depending on the political views of a reporter, columnist, author, or news agency, the facts can be reported in a variety of different ways. This can often cause controversy regarding the truth, as different sources report differing things as being true. This is also true when speaking of historical events, as different people will speak…

Good, Bad and Disturbing News about the Future

It seems that the development of our technology has some price to pay. In his article entitled “Good, Bad and Disturbing News about the Future”, Dr. Malcolm Smith, a family life specialist addresses to parents the transformations that many teenagers are undergoing over the changing times. According to him, “Our young people are very connected,…

Generating News

The agency [Bertrand Center] would award physically disabled individuals who have excelled in their fields of interest. Particularly, the people with a physical impairment yet have excelled in sports and have proven their talents in the Special Olympics would be honored. 2. Contests The agency would organize an event much like the Special Olympics but…

A Brief Looking Into What Is News Reporting

News is one of the best know commodities in today’s world news is selective version of world events with a focus on that which is new and unusual. The concepts of news must have existed even before the beginning of the era of mass media called personal news. The news and interesting information constitute news….

The Construction of News

What makes the use of visual and verbal strategies in news construction so important? The answer has to do with the fact that what makes any good news item attractive is its ability to capture and retain the attention of the audience. There are many ways you can use to get your audiences attention, but…

Fox News VS CNN

When it comes to specific channels and their ratings over the years, we will compare Fox News and CNN to serve the purpose of this report. In order to do so we will have a brief glance over the viewership of both channels in US and their growth over the years. Fox entered the news…

Profile of a News Anchor

“The one function that TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were. ” News anchors collect information, formulate stories, and make broadcasts that inform the public about local, State, national, and international events. They present points of view…

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