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Learning Essay Examples

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Personal Development Report

This personal development report reflects upon my learning experiences and outcomes during my first year at Nottingham Trent University. It aims to document the ways in which I have developed and areas for further consideration as part of a continual learning process. The report will be structured around 5 main areas as shown below 1….

Digital Learning vs Traditional

Teachers are a school’s most critical resource. Research continues to show that effective teaching is the most important school-related factor in student achievement, yet access to effective teaching remains widely uneven and inequitably distributed. The teaching profession faces multiple challenges while serving at the front line of improving outcomes for students. First, the nation’s teaching…

Theory Essay (B.F.Skinner And Jerome Bruner)

Wednesday, October 10, 2001 This essay is based on the two theories by Jerome Bruner and B.F. Skinner. In this essay B.F.Skinners’ theory on Operant Conditioning is compared to that of Jerome Bruners’ theory on cognitive learning. This states the ideas and opinion’s of the two persons’ and their theories on learning. Jerome Bruner had…



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Biographical Essay Work History

My work history starts as a mother of two delightful teenagers. I have enjoyed spending time with my kids since they were babies and watching them grow into hard working, wonderful people. In recent years I helped create an exercise movement class for preschool aged children. In this job experience I created weekly lesson plans…

Educating Rita-Characters

Main characters Rita and Frank are the only two characters whom we see on stage, though other people are referred to by both of them. We hear about Denny, Rita’s husband, about Julia, Frank’s partner, and about Trish, Rita’s flatmate, who attempts to kill herself. But it is Rita and Frank whom the audience gets…

“Rolls for the Czar” by R. Kinkead

In “Rolls for the Czar,” by R. Kinkead, and in “What is Intelligence, Anyway?” by Isaac Asimov, intelligence assumes different forms. The two types of intelligence referred to are book smarts and quick wit. In the first story, Markov the baker demonstrates quick wit, while in the second story, Isaac Asimov ironically does not. In…

What is “Learning”?

What is “Learning”? Discuss “classical conditioning” and “instrumental conditioning”, and explain, with examples, their applications to marketing practice. Learning is a relatively permanently change in behavior caused by experience. It is an ongoing process, our knowledge about the world is being revised constantly as we are exposed to new stimuli and receive feedback that allows…

Learning process in behaviour

Learning is a permanent change in behaviour caused by experience. The learner does not need to have the experience directly; we can also learn by observing others . It is an ongoing process. Our knowledge of the world is continually being revised as we are exposed to new stimuli and receiving ongoing feedback that allows…

Mother Tongue and Foreign Language Learning

These five basic theories are, furthermore, very much complementary to each other, serving different types of learners or representing various cases of language learning. They must not automatically make us presume that first and second language learning are identical or alike processes, though second language learning is strongly tied up with first language acquisition. Obviously,…

Perception of the CABEIHM Students

Romeo G. Fajardo (2006) stressed that the student’s success is dependent on their effectiveness, efficiency and concentration on studying and these are affected by the learning materials they use and the way they use it. Hence, the value of studying is precious and not to be squandered, no matter what the students believe regarding this…

Is Experience the Best Teacher?

My whole life I’ve been told practice makes perfect. Whether it’s in the tennis court or in math class, the more you practice something, the better you become at it. In the last few years I’ve found out that practicing and doing is not the same thing. Harry Callahan once said, _”experience is the best…

Resposibilities and Relationships in the Lifelong Learning Sector

It is the responsibility of the teacher to make the teaching area a safe and fair environment to learn in and teachers should be aware of, and keep up to date with key legislation relating to this. The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) covers a number of duties relating to teaching and learning….

Left Brain vs Right Brain Learning Styles

People learn in many different ways, but do you ever wonder why that is. Why are we so different and learn so differently? The brain is the answer to that question. The brain gives us what we need to determine what and who we are as people. Because of the human brain’s complexity, professors and…

Left Brain vs Right Brain: Implications of Learning

A left-brain dominant person’s attributes are different than that of a right-brained person. This difference causes these two groups to have different learning styles. A left-brain dominant tends to be better at spelling and math. This is because this person can see all of the pieces. A right- brain dominant person tends be better at…

Management and Leadership

Management and leadership are considered synonymous, but actually they are two different words. Management is defined as, “The art, manner or practice of managing, handling supervision or control whereas leadership is defined as, “The ability to: “express a vision, influence others to achieve results, encourage team cooperation, and be an example.” Leadership is “getting others…

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